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There is nothing more relaxing than a long drive to help you unwind. Imagine being able to do so while you’re on vacation. Discover new places, meet new people and enjoy new experiences as you explore our selection of perfect destinations for the ultimate self-drive experience. Indiana Travels has put together a list of breath taking locations, where a self-driven vacation would be sheer bliss.





One of the most popular countries for a self-drive experience, Australia has a number of famous destinations to choose from. Exploring Tasmania is a visual feast. The great eastern coast is home to pristine beaches, dense rainforests and a plethora of delicacies to tickle your pallet. Savour fresh berries and sip a glass of wine, along with delectable seafood. Drive along Tasmania’s picturesque coastline, as you commence your journey from Hobart. From relaxing bushwalks and towering cliffs at Maria Island, to enjoying the spectacular view at Wineglass bay and interacting with the wild life, the eastern coast is truly spectacular. Look out for the Tasmanian devil while you marvel at the beauty of Tasmania.


New Zealand



One of the most famous self-driving locations, is New Zealand’s South Island. Prepare to experience nature at its finest, while you spend time exploring two of its largest cities, Christchurch, also known as New Zealand’s garden city and Dunedin, famous for its Scottish and Edwardian heritage. Mt. Cook National Park is famous for its biodiversity, while Te Anu- the gateway to Fiordland National Park is a sight to behold. Experience the liveliness of Queenstown and gaze upon the magnificent west glacier region. While returning from Christchurch, the towering Alps will leave you spellbound. Several areas in New Zealand were used during the shooting of the Lord of the Rings and are indeed worth visiting.





The Amalfi coast of Italy needs no introduction. Known for crystal blue waters, picturesque beaches and golden horizons, it is one of the most sought after self-drive destinations in the world. This beautiful coastal stretch of more than 50 kms has several cities along the way.  Positano, Ravello and Amalfi are the most famous. Positano was originally a fishing village with a population of only 4000 people. This vertical village is located on the side of a mountain, where you can relax on its beaches and sip Campari, as massive yachts cruise along in the distance. The resort town of Ravello is located at a height of 365 meters, above the Tyrrhenian Sea. Home to the iconic Cliffside gardens, Ravello is known as the jewel of the coastal crown, and is also home to the coasts oldest and most beautiful church- the Duomo di Ravello.





What makes Germany a fan favourite for self-drive experiences, is the allure of its old world charm. While diving here, the Black Forest is an absolute must. Lush forests and rugged mountainous terrain will transport you to another world. One of the most popular routes is from Wurzburg to Fussen.  Take in the scenery along the “Romantic Road” in South Germany. Widely popular for its medieval towns and magnificent castles. Enjoy exploring a place unchanged by time and look out for Roman ruins as well as the Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Make sure you sample a glass of wine in the Franconian regions. One of the biggest highlights of this region is that it is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the the Würzburg Residence and the Pilgrimage Church of Wies.






One of the first things that come to mind when you think of Scotland, is the notorious Lake Lochness, home to the fabled Lochness monster. One of the most mystic and beautiful destinations for a self-drive experience, the loch (lake) is one of the largest in the British Isles. Not only is it 600 feet deep, it is even visible from space.  You can enjoy untainted natural beauty, small villages and an assortment of historical attractions along the way. On your way to Lochend, the Aldourie Castle, looks like it was plucked out of a fairy-tale. While driving from Brackla, Urquhart Castle is immensely popular, situated above the deepest point of the Loch. Not only does it constitute a splendid view, it is also one of the most popular tourist attractions. Explore the village of Invermoriston, or stroll by beautiful waterfalls around Fort Augustus. The Loch Ness route is truly mesmerising.





Ireland’s Atlantic route is one of the most famous self-driving experiences. You commence your journey at Ireland’s northern most point- near Malin Head and make your way to its southern most point at Mizen Head, in County Cork. Enjoy the world’s longest coastal self-drive experience, spanning 2500 Kms along Ireland’s western seaboard. Along the way, enjoy Irish traditions, their unique culture and try learning their native language. During your journey, soak in some of the most amazing natural beauty in the world. Rolling waves, jagged cliffs as well as other popular driving routes, such as the Ring of Kerry. Explore the Aran Islands and ancient forts as you surrender to the surreal beauty of Ireland and its people.


Enjoy a self-driving experience unlike any other. Indiana Travels will craft an itinerary as per your preferences, while offering you unparalleled flexibility and privacy as you explore destinations of your choosing. Indiana will help you discover remote areas, which are not accessible by public transport, so that you may enjoy your trip to the fullest, without any distractions. From exploring Tasmania in Australia, visiting Christchurch in New Zealand, and relaxing at the picturesque Amalfi coast in Italy, to driving down Germany’s “Romantic Road”, exploring the mystic Loch Ness in Scotland or cruising across Ireland’s Atlantic route, prepare to hit the gas for an adventure that you can enjoy at your own leisure as you explore new worlds.


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