A Blast From The Past – An Exploration Of Past FIFA Destinations

The world’s biggest football competition is ongoing and all-permeating andit definitely got us thinking. After all, it is a sport that has proven to consume the collective conscious of several nations around the world, for a few weeks every four years. Needless to say that the quadrennial event then, is a pretty big deal. So, we thought about exploring the destinations that have hosted this more-than-just-a-sport in the past.


From the soul-stirring beauty of Germany to the bronze Kalahari dunes of South Africa to the unexpected haven for adventurers, Brazil, we sneak a peep to the last three FIFA World Cup destinations. From wrinkly mountain ranges to dramatic coastal roads, the three countries offer a staggering variety of escapades to enjoy.


• FIFA Zone – European, Country – Germany, Year – 2006
World Cup Final Stats – Italy Vs. France. 1-1. Italy won on penalty kicks.


Germany has a natural beauty that unravels in an unquestionably artistic manner. The bewitching scenery moves from sandy coasts to forests fit for fairy tales all the way to vast vineyards and the grandeur of Alps. The country has a magical landscape dotted with romantic river valleys interspersed with great cities that have a culture which uplifts the spirit. For the consummate traveller, the authentic way to experience Germany is through its food and drinks. The birthplace of Albert Einstein and Marx offers a cornucopia of palate teasers. The land of the Deutsch is not just famous for its beers but also top-notch wines like the Riesling. Palaces and timbered towns will ensure that your camera is kept busy throughout! For the football enthusiast, discover the country through the cultural kaleidoscope of its towns – Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. Each of these hosted at least one game during the FIFA 2006 World Cup. While Berlin has a big-city feel with its thriving nightclubs, Hamburg is honestly the coolest city on the planet. It is awash with eateries from the world over and is home to more flavours than one can relish.


• FIFA Zone – African, Country – South Africa, Year – 2010
World Cup Final Stats – Spain Vs. The Netherlands. 1-0. Spain won AET.


South Africa is a genuine study in contrast. It is one place on earth that teaches a valuable lesson – when cultures collide, they can blend into something unique. An astounding diversity that ranges from stark desert skies dotted with stars to exquisite, powdery beaches embraced by not one but two oceans – South Africa is truly a treasure trove of surprises. For the quintessential explorer, the first African country to host the most popular sports competition offers an amalgamation of its own with Asian traditions. The changing panorama of the rainbow country presents the ideal canvas for adventurers. One can bungee jump off a bridge, surf along the coast, rock climb a mountain, swing across a gorge and do so much more. For the football fanatics, the different capitals of the place act as the perfect beginning – think Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. Again, each one of these cities hosted a game during the 2010 World Cup. The varying topography and cultural diversity of each town would leave an indelible impact on you.


• FIFA Zone – South American, Country – Brazil, Year – 2014
World Cup Final Stats – Germany Vs. Argentina. 1-0. Germany won AET.


Brazil has it all; roaring cascades for the adrenaline junkies and undulating beaches to soak up some Vitamin D. The country has both colonial towns preserved from history and modern metropolises that seem to have a wild rhythm to them. Thundering waterfalls, red canyons, and coral bound islands, every landscape Brazil throws at you is spell-binding. For the connoisseur of travel, Brazil is a hot destination. You can sit with a caipirinha in hand; toes dipped in water and your back on the sand while enjoying the southern hemisphere sun. Or can be entranced by the many adventures it offers for every kind of budget! Kayaking through the Amazon – check, horseback riding – check, wildlife watching – check. Iconic Christ statue – check, samba- fuelled nights – check. For the football aficionado, set off exploring the cities of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paula, and Brasilia. Sao Paula, known as the gastronomic capital, has more cuisine cooking in an alley than entire cities. Salvador has monuments that go back to the 1800’s with both Portuguese and African influences very apparent in its architecture.


Drive through slow, winding and delicious paths; go slackpacking along a coast or just play football with the locals. At Indiana Travels we urge you to add a rich layer of memories to your life. A trip to each of these previous FIFA hosts will leave you gasping with delight at every turn.
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