The European Guide to Getting Your Suitcase Beach Ready

Europe is many things: watching sunsets on the Mediterranean, dotted with palaces straight from the Middle Ages, and a paradise for backpackers. It has culinary diversity. It is a land of dazzling artistry. Is there any wonder then, that it appears prominently on every travel destination list?


Though the vast lands of Europe offer every kind of scenic beauty a heart can long for, it is the beaches that we look forward to this time of the year because of the prospect of long, damp and drizzly monsoons for us back home.  Looked at from a bird’s view, the southern coast of the continent along the Mediterranean Sea reveals one treasure after another. Even the stunning shoreline along the Black & Baltic Seas is no less. You have to look no further than our piece on the hottest European summer destinations for proof.


Between that luxurious European vacation that screams ‘yacht life’, and you however, stands a mountainous obstacle – the essential packing list for a beach trip. Before you head off to the continent, we suggest tackling the brass tacks so that neither hair nor nail is out of place.


  • Starting from the trotters, a pair of sandals, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, the ever-essential heels for the ladies and a smart pair of dress shoes for the gemtlemen. These are the must-haves when it comes to your treads. A jet-setter tip for the women: get a heavy-duty pedicure done and carry a bright, fast-drying bottle of nail colour in your tote. Nothing spoils the ‘beach look’ like dehydrated soles and chipped nail colour.
  • The swimsuit is a fundamental garment when in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you are not visiting in the summertime, you can never go wrong by packing a two-piece. Not planning on swimming much? The suit will be perfect to laze around and soak in some essential Vitamin Ds. Believe us; from jumping off cliffs in Cyprus to sailing along the Mediterranean; a well-fitting swimsuit is a must.
  • Packing light is the creed of every wanderer, but a few decent clothes are needed, even when the entire vacation is about sun and sand. Besides the essentials like a towel and sleepwear, carry one dress that is perfect for a fancy dinner. The rest of your clothes can be beach-friendly, think sarongs and cover-ups.
  • Sunglasses are next on the list. Invest in reliable shades. The European sun can be blinding, especially when it sparkles on the sea. Channel your inner Jackie O and don a pair that has large lenses for the best protection.
  • The sun and saltwater are going to wreak havoc on your mane and that tousled look every beach photo should have, takes effort – continuous and consistent. So, carry a hair mask and some oil-based products for protection. A vacationer tip, every time you wash your hair finish with a blast of cold water. It will stimulate the follicles and make them healthier. Follow towel drying with some leave-in conditioner and you’re good-to-go.
  • No beach look is complete without a hat. Plus, it adds an extra layer of protection to your hair and face. You can go as chic as the newly minted duchess with a Madewell Panama hat or as extra as the extra-large sun hat by Jacquemus.
  • An absolute must-have – sunscreen. A layered protection is what you will need. Ergo, use a high factor sun block and remember to slather it on every few hours. Make sure you have the water-proof variety to combat sweat and splashing around as well as to stretch out the hours between re-application.
  • People-watching will get boring after a point of time, even on a beach. So, bundle up a book or two or maybe load up your phone with music to keep the mood level at chill.
  • End the list with the perfect beach bag. A knitted tote, a wooden hard-handle or a PVC see-through backpack – take your pick. Look for waterproof varieties that are easily washable. While you’re at it, pack a waterproof pouch too to keep your phone, charger, keys and other valuables dry.


The perfect antidote to a steadily declining greige life is a sand-filled coast. And the best of all beaches can be found on the shores of Europe. Let Indiana Travels bring a je ne sais quoi to your next Euro Trip.

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