European Summer Destinations For 2018

We try our very best to do our bit in bringing you some respite from the hectic jobs and routines you are saddled with day after day, with our newsletter. This month we brought to you three breath-taking European spots that are our chosen summer destinations for 2018. Here, we want to tell you why. Get to know a bit more about our June destinations as we dive deeper into the three sun-kissed lands with their sandy and rocky beaches that call to the souls of millions of tourists around the world, every year.


Ibiza – The Land Of White Sand & Turquoise Water

Seven million. That is the number of people, roughly, who descend to the island dotted with Sabina pines and encircled by glass-clear water. If you are a traveller who craves for a tropical destination that also spoils you for choice when it comes to all-night raves and the crème de la crème of DJs, Ibiza is your answer. Known as the ultimate destination for clubbers and rightly so, thanks to the likes of David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, the Mediterranean Sea Island is all that and much more.

The sun-kissed coastline and magnificent architecture that hosts blissed-out beach lovers is just the veneer. Look below the surface and the eyes are met with hidden hamlets and secluded coves. One side of Ibiza with its rolling sand dunes ask you to live it up; the other side surprises you with peaceful churches and off-beaten tracks leading to its rich heritage.


Dubrovnik – The Land of Awe & the Shimmering Adriatic

Pearl of the Adriatic. That is how this dot on the Mediterranean Sea drenched in beauty dating back several centuries, is known. For travellers who want the sheer jouissance of a place that never fails to wonder no matter how many times you visit it, Dubrovnik beckons. Baroque construction, glittering seas and the sun-dappled white limestone streets make the Croatian city a veritable experience in itself.

The now urban land immerses you both in history and modern connections. The museums are replete with artefacts from every civilisation hosted by the ancient town, and the city is dotted with locations where the famous Game of Thrones was and continues to be filmed. Boredom would literally be the last emotion to shuttle into the station while you are in this idyllic getaway city.


Zakynthos – The Land of Wilderness & Unreal Sea

How does nature do it? This is the only thought that will consume you should you decide to visit this island on the Ionian Sea. For travellers who want to immerse themselves in experiencing traditional rural villages, the famous Navagio beach, and mighty limestone cliffs, head straight to Zakynthos! Zante, as the Greeks call the place, not only succeeds in banishing banal conversation but almost annihilates coherent thought with its sheer and pristine beauty.

Once you have had your fill of famous landmarks that you might have undoubtedly seen pictures of, the pulsating capital with its neoclassical architecture is the place to let your hair down. Old houses, quaint cafes, panoramic views of forested wilderness leading to turquoise beachfronts, are one of the many highlights of this charming little island that will leave you completely enamoured!


The heart has its reasons, whereof reason knows nothing. That is the feeling we at, Indiana Travels, love to evoke in our patrons. And we vow to you, each of these destinations will make your heart full in a fashion that will be potently hard to put in words. Discover everything these places have to offer by calling us…we got you covered on what to do and where to go.

Why wait, go see! Travel made easy with Indiana travels.


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