Explore The Edge Of The World – Antarctic Cruise

Begin a voyage where the world literally drops-off, and explore a new world, a world that is on edge – literally and figuratively. If you are one for whom adventures need to be truly one-of-a-kind, prepare to be wowed by the White Continent. Set sail in comfort, style, and safety in a genuinely untouched wilderness. An Antarctic Cruise awaits you, are you up for the challenge?

The cruise begins with a twenty-four-hour session to help you assimilate with the weather. The first day will also give you a very, very brief understanding of the wildlife one can expect at the furthest point on the planet. But to ogle armies of penguins waddling rhythmicallyacross pristine snowscapes, you will have to undergo a green apple diet that puts you in peak fitness needed for the extreme adventure cruise.

The next day onwards, you get a hint of the life of the first polar explorer who braved these untold locations. As you follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous ‘wanderers’ of the world, you are welcomed by glacial vistas, rolling seas, and a crisp, cool sea breeze – the likes of which you will be hard-pressed to have ever experienced.
While you are plying the waters of the South Pole, a few activities that will make up your itinerary are spotting a fin whale, or wildlife found only in this part of the world. For the environmental enthusiasts, a chance to see up close how the majestic glaciers are formed and grasp the indelible change global warming is causing. Ever conscious of the carbon footprints we humans leave everywhere; these cruisesareparticular about minimalising the effect and has a rigid system in place – which means absolutely no littering!

Get ready to see towers and towers of aquamarine blue ice dotted with grey mountain peaks. It is a landscape beyond the figment of your imagination and one that can certainly not be virtually experienced. After all, there is hardly much photographic evidence of a continent that until recently allowed only a daring few are to venture into.

The Antarctic cruise is meant for travel-enthusiasts who want to check off the seventh and the last continent from their travel bucket list. The journey is also aptly for ultimate adventure seekers who crave their next hit of adrenaline. Your fitness levels will be put to the ultimate test and understandably so. On this planet that we call home, the prevailing climactic conditions will soon render the endangered Antarctic region inaccessible to people like you and me. Take the time to chart a course to a spectacular and striking environment, both above and below sea level, while you still have a chance!

So don’t listen to what people say, GO SEE!



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