The Independence Trails For The Free Soul

A genuine sense of freedom will blissfully remain elusive to us. We have, fortunately, eclipsed the era of suppression by fascinator-wearing rulers. So on this Independence Day, we evoke the emotion of patriotism with a twist. Instead of just saluting the saffron, white and green; we salute places that played a complex but coherent part in history.

While we were sorely tempted to include a specific international location, we wanted to make this piece purely about being Indian. Hence, we persevered with domestic possibilities.


Golden Sunrises over The Golden Temple


A leisurely amble down memory lane might be true for many places, but certainly not for Amritsar. It is home to some places and monuments that are steeped in history. For a traveller looking for a peaceful getaway, the city has to offer one of the most serene and humble sight one will ever behold in India. For the raring-to-go explorer, take a step into the hyperactive city streets for a bombardment of the senses. Our advice is to do a food crawl around the town; to tuck into the famous dhaba cuisine which is truly a delight for all the senses. Rarely will one find a region that presents such a, to borrow a clichéd phrase, ‘finger-lickin’ experience.

Golden Temple

Org Source: Shanti Travel


Wonderment across the Wondrous Brahmaputra


An extravagant cavalcade near the ides of August may not be Assam. But it is the one state in our nation where the list of travel destinations is long, glorious and fortunately untold. We recommend a visit to the sprawling leviathan that is Ahom and to explore a vibrant culture. Azure mountains framing lush rice fields or picturesquely manicured tea estates are what await you. Experience traditionally -clad women dancing to folk tunes on the occasion of Bihu, to local sports like tang-goote, bull-fight and kabaddi. For a more thrill-seeking mood, pause, take a breath and then douse yourself in a river-rafting expedition or the diacritic flavours and aromas of the valley’s food.

Bihu celebrations

Org Source: AssamOnline


372 Miles Of Glorious Arabian Sea Coast


While Kerala may not be the first place one thinks of when faced with the phrase ‘freedom struggle’, it does happen to be the stamping grounds for centuries of endless explorers following the spice trail. From the languid backwaters where one can rest in luxurious houseboats to speciality spas that bring back ancient Ayurvedic treatments, the state lets you soak up nature. We recommend a short trip to the spice-covered hills or a soul-quenching vacation on guesthouses perched perilously in quaint Varkala. For a breezy mood, Wayanad with its beauteous mountain scenery, lusciously green rice paddies and red earth are precisely what the doctor ordered.

Kerala Ayurvedic massage

Org Source: Kerala Tourism


Nowhere but these Shimmering Strand Stretches


Few of us who visit the congenital vacation spot grasp the hidden gems it still holds like the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The diminutive state, where globetrotters come from around the globe to be genuinely liberated, springs on the traveller a new party hotspot or an off-the-path beach with every visit. Redefine what it means to bask in extravagance. Pick one of the white-sand south shores of the region like Palolem and be a part of the perfect party. Scrumptious seafood and inexpensive alcohol are the bread and butter of the state. For a softer mood, find a patch of secluded sand at a private beach and be in the paradise of sun, sustenance, and song.

Party revellers in Goa

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