Indiana’s Top Travel Picks This Month: Kenya, Corsica and Korea

Travel. A topic that never, and it bears repeating, never fails to be a great conversation starter.  And the dernier cri of travel?  Places that most people don’t think of when they think ‘vacation’. Destinations that lie between ‘somewhat off the beaten the path’ and ‘top tourist towns of the world’.

This month we picked three destinations that are bound to become the most staggering sights you see in your routine lives. These three – Kenya, Corsica, and Korea – need no set itinerary. Get ready to embark on a trip that will help you create memories to last a lifetime, and then some.


Kenya – God’s Resting Place

A land that stirs a wildlife enthusiast’s deepest longings. A place of epic landforms.  A region that black rhinos, wildebeest and zebras call home. Kenya is the land you imagine when you think of Africa. The country is synonymous with the picture of a lone acacia tree silhouetted amid rolling grasslands against a coppery sun with a horizon that seemingly stretches to eternity.

The terrain of the Maasai Mara is the answer when the call of the wild rises within one. Vast savannahs that allow a glimpse into the life of endangered species in their natural habitat is what Kenya is most famous for. If watching millions of creatures migrating in the last vast wilderness known to man is not enough to tempt you, then the traditional peoples would be. From the Kikuyu to the Masai, their history and struggle to survive bring soul and colour to this wondrous land.


Corsica – Isle of Beauty

A land of stunning pink cliffs. A place of implausibly clear turquoise waters. A region that is home to wild French beauty. Corsica is the land you imagine when you think of verdant valleys, hilltop villages frozen in time and glittering sapphire seas. The island floating in the Mediterranean Sea offers the Holy Grail every vacationer looks forward to – food, wine and music.

The land, aptly named the scented isle, welcomes you with the heady aroma of the flower that blooms in the maquis. The sweet scent infuses with the island’s air and carries far into the sea. It acts as the perfect accompaniment to a leisurely boat trip or a bit of restful sunbathing. An astounding diversity in a geography that ranges from coastal cities apt for snorkelling to forgotten forests. It is a haven for hikers, with mountain ridges perfect for canyoning and even mountain biking, if that’s more your style. If the fabulous beaches of this miniature continent are not enough to coax you, then a temperature that rarely reaches over 20°C would be. Away from the scorching Indian summer, explore a place where there is no need to fuss over a detailed schedule. The island’s multi-faceted history makes every corner a spellbinding spectacle.


South Korea – Land of the Morning Calm

A land where reverence for tradition is still alive. A place where reconstructed palaces stand shoulder to shoulder with bustling night markets.  A region that is an actual example of the fluid mix of ancient, old ways with modern, technological marvels. South Korea is the place you imagine when you think of a dream destination.

An engaging, welcoming place, the country has forested parks balanced alongside high-tech cities like Seoul. South Korea is one of the few destinations around the world that boasts of an urban sprawl that spills into suburbs of tranquillity, thanks to their outstanding transport infrastructure. Picture this – a densely packed city that rolls to a hazy stop only when the mountains begin. Not your style? Then the remote islands will surely be right up your alley. If the ‘usual’ does not excite you, fear not. Choose from a rustic hanok to sleep in surrounded by rice fields and a tranquil village, or craggy mountains to hike during summers that magically transform to glistening ski slopes during the winters. South Korea is the land that’s waiting for you to uncover it, bit by bit

Be part of a country that is secure in the knowledge that their land is wildly beautiful.  Be part of a place where the quotidian sights and sounds of a village are the only noise. Be part of a republic that has 5000 years of culture and history. Indiana Travels would be glad, delighted in fact, to help you get to these magical lands with the only worry being the space in your camera’s memory card!

Why wait, go see! Travel made easy with Indiana travels.


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