Vacation Planners for The Quintessential Traveller

The time when travel agents did mundane tasks like booking air-tickets has long since gone. When Vogue rebrands travel agents and vacation planners as “travel designers”, people sit up and take notice. Here we explore what makes travel companies an absolute essential for the quintessential traveller.

Think of them as a personal shopper, a professional who knows your likes and dislikes down to the very last detail. A travel designer, as we are wont to call them, takes a step beyond the essentials. Organizing hotels, tours, and flights are a tiny part of it, but when the agent sees you as a traveller instead of a tourist, they begin to plan a more meaningful trip. And all discerning globetrotters know it is about exploring human connections rather than places that make an unbelievable vacation.

Think of them as Rolodex of contacts that help you reach regions that cannot be accessed through online booking. A travel designer takes you to offbeat places, destinations the world’s eye has not yet seen. They give you exclusive access to witness the beauty of the planet before it changes irrevocably. That Rolodex is like a magic wand that has painstakingly workedon, tried and tested exotic escapades before they even offered the same experience to you.

Think of them as time-saviours, the most valuable commodity for every professional. When you desire a bespoke and minutely tailored experience, only a travel designer will be to craft it. While you spend precious time recreating a vacation you saw on the ‘gram, they will build a trip that actually matches your desires. A travel designer knows that there is a thin line separating inspired travel and desired travel.

Think of them as the scientists of vacationing. When as corporates you have limited time to lavish on vacation, you need someone who has got the art of planning down to a science. A travel designer will be aware when you need a mini-break and when you should invest more than a week.And this is exactly where Indiana Travels comes in.

Through collaborations with top of the class airlines, destinations and premium properties, Indiana Travels delivers the best of packages that are customised to fit budgets and requirements. Aided by an experienced team, Indiana Travels creates detailed itineraries from take-off to return and everything you can imagine, in between. All you have to do is tell us if you’re travelling with your friends, family, grandparents or your significant other and Indiana Travels will chalk out a package that is tailor made just for you. Indiana Travels’ network always has its ear to the ground and will tell you everything you need to know. Indiana Travels’ fares and itineraries will always stack up better than the online booking services. There are so many package deals out there, at hotels you’ve never heard of, with itineraries so vague you’re not sure what country you’re visiting – Indiana Travelsclears it all out for you. Getting 25 people on the same plane? Kids travelling with you? Indiana Travels can save you the headaches of sorting through all of this yourself.

So make the most of your precious time-off, and leave the planning to us!


Indiana Travels know the science behind the perfect getaway. We know that more days away do not equate to more relaxation. We know that 8 days in and you reach peak happiness. We know that you didn’t know that! And that is why every traveller, beginner or consummate, needs us. Indiana Travels blends the science of vacationing with the art of relaxing for you.

Why wait, go see! Travel made easy with Indiana travels.


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