Our travel picks for APRIL

Let the warmth of April invite you to marvel at some of the most architecturally diverse locations around the world. We offer you fully planned trips so you can immerse yourself in the history that these gorgeous destinations have to offer. Take your pick from the earthy magnificence of Jordan, the serene stillness of Cambodia or the marvellous craftsmanship in our own temple cities of South & East India!

Angkor Wat in Cambodia


The land of the famous Angkor Wat temple is one that has a lot to offer – ancient temples to marvel at, adventure sports and river rafting for that adrenaline rush, one of the most diverse cuisines that South-East Asia has to offer, wildlife that will mesmerize and spas to soothe both, your body and mind. Speak to us to get a Cambodian
experience tailor-made just for you!


Visit the beachside temples of Mahabalipuram and Rameshwaram or simply allow the French culture of Pondicherry to envelop you. Travel upwards to the East to encounter the intricate and spellbinding temples of Konark and Bhubhaneshwar, while the coastal stretches of Puri will be sure to rejuvenate you! Get in touch with us for that perfect temple-hopping trip this summer.

Brihadishwara Temple in South India
Petra in Jordan


The jewel of the Middle East – Jordan is a country of jaw-dropping beauty. Visit the ancient rock-cut city of Petra for a true experience of awe-inspiring architecture, go canyoning in the warm waters of Wadi Mujib or take a dip in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea and float like you never have before! Have us plan the most exciting cultural trip to this beautiful nation of the Middle-East for you.

This summer, get yourself a doorstep-to-doorstep planned trip to an architectural destination of your choice to adventure-filled Cambodia, the temple lands of South & East India or the historically spectacular Jordan.

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