Our travel picks for january

This winter, throw caution to the wind and experience snow like never before! Igloo Hotel or a Magical Ice Cave Walk in Iceland and the adrenaline rush of Skiing in France!

Stay in aN Igloo Hotel, Iceland

Be one with the winter wonderland with the world famous glass igloos at Iceland. Tuck yourself into bed with visions of the Arctic night sky and if you’re lucky, the neon streaks of Northern lights!

Skiing in Meribel, France

Feel like a character out of a Christmas fairy-tale as you ski down the powdery slopes of Meribel. This picturesque French village is sure to charm you and leave you with a treasure trove of
memories to boast!

Ice Cave Walk, Iceland

Experience the magic of Mother Nature with a one-of-a-kind Ice Cave Walk in Iceland. Watch as frozen water takes on every shade of blue and
creates a photographer’s paradise! Let winter
cast a spell on you this season!

Gone are the days when travelling was exclusively meant for summers! This winter, take a trip to last a
lifetime. With Indiana, you get to experience the breath-taking magnificence of winters in the choicest
of locations. Why wait, go see with travel made easy by Indiana Travels!

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