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The world is a melting pot of culture, traditions and customs and food forms one of its most important aspects. No matter where you choose to go, or what you choose to do, eating is something that everyone loves. Let Indiana Travels take you on a journey to explore exotic cuisines across the world. We will prepare a detailed itinerary crafted to suit your palate. Start planning your trip with us now, so that you can enjoy the seasonal months of July- September 2019.


Germany is called the land of culinary delights, known for its delicious meat based preparations, especially schnitzels- the German way of preparing meat – cutlets in assortment of delicious sauces. Experience German fast food at its best with some Currywurst- steamed and fried pork sausages or Bratwurst. Try some spaetzle (German Dumplings). The names may be hard to pronounce, but we promise you, they taste fantastic! Germany’s world famous Oktoberfest is paradise for any beer lovers, choose from a massive variety of beers and brews. It begins towards the end of September.


Italian cuisine is famous, the world over and for good reason too. Savour authentic hand tossed pizzas and fresh handmade pastas, drizzled with Italian herbs. Try some crisp bruschettas, Italy’s take on what toast should be like. Wash it all down with some of the finest wine that you’ve ever had. Italy has more than a million vineyards, most of which happen to be the oldest in existence today. Nothing beats authentic Italian cuisine and now you know what’s on the menu.


France has one of the most interesting and renowned cuisines in the world. Home to the best patisseries, the French made baked goods are second to none. Sink your teeth into authentic baguettes, croissants and macarons, or sip on a wide variety of wines accompanied with an assortment of cheese (fromage). France is known for its fragrant aromas, subtle flavours and flawless wine and we are sure you’ll love it.


You can start with exploring Paella, a traditional rice dish native to the Valencian community of Spain. One cannot simply leave Spain without eating Churros. Don’t forget to dip it into some hot chocolate with a sprinkle of sugar. If you plan on visiting bars in Spain, you will love the Tapas (a wide array of snacks and tid bits). From choppitos (fried squid) to La Bomba and Razor clams, there is indeed a lot to choose from. Spain is an absolute paradise for those of you who would like to experiment a bit.

Indiana Travels will customize every aspect of your trip from the moment you leave your home till you get back home. Prepare to see new places and sample the local cuisine. July is the ideal time to plan ahead for the seasonal months from July to September. Whether you choose to munch on schnitzels in Germany and bruschettas in Italy, or enjoy the aroma of wine in France and chocolate covered churros in Spain, Indiana Travels will help you plan a mouth-watering trip that’s sure to leave you licking your fingers.

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