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The battle for the Iron Throne reached it’s epic conclusion and now your watch is ended! While we realize that nothing can replace the complex myriad of politics, intrigue, love, betrayal and death depicted ever so beautifully in Game of Thrones, we can only imagine how much you miss it all! Indiana Travels has the perfect solution to help you revisit the wonderful world of Westeros as you set out on a fantastic adventure of your own! We have put together the most iconic locations which are beautiful in their own right and also happen to be the very same places where Game of Thrones was actually shot! Visit Spain, Croatia, Ireland or Iceland as you relive the magic one more time!


The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia has multiple locations which were used while shooting Game of Thrones. Visit the Bokar Fortress which served as the most iconic seat of power in Game of Thrones, none other than Kings Landing. Gaze upon the Red Keep or visit the house of the Undying. Relive the grand setting of the notorious Purple Wedding, where King Joffery met his end or take a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens of Kings Landing. Indiana Travels will help you craft your
journey as you relive it all!


From the Water Gardens to the Dornish seat of Power- Sunspear which was ruled by House Martel, the southern-most kingdom of Westeros, you can even visit High Garden, the seat of House Tyrell. Take a scenic walk down the beautiful bridge which led to Volantis, the same route that Tyrion Lannister took to meet Daenerys. If you choose to visit Dorne- home of the Red Viper- Oberyn Martel, be sure to let Indiana Travels plan it all and save yourself from the hastle.


Ireland is considered home to Game of Thrones with numerous locations being used for some of the most important landmarks in the show. Travel north on the Kings Road which will lead you to Winterfell, home to the Starks. Visit rolling plains of the Riverlands where Robb Stark’s army waited to cross the Trident. Winter came already and it’s time that you visited too. Let Indiana Travels plan your excursion North, while you sip a glass of wine!


Iceland has always been known for its breath taking scenery and towering glaciers with vast expanses of untouched natural beauty. Explore the Bloody Gates, the narrow passage which lead to the Eyerie or hike across the cliffs where Brienne of Tarth beat the Hound in single combat! Go beyond the wall and explore the Fist of the First Men or Ygritte and Jon’s love cave. Iceland is a treasure trove for any GOT fan and Indiana Travel’s will make sure you enjoy every moment.

Join 50,000+ happy customers and let Indiana Travels take you on a mesmerizing trip as you relive various moments from the world of Westeros. From King’s Landing in Croatia, to Dorne in Spain to Winterfell in Ireland or a journey beyond the wall in Iceland, Indiana Travels will plan it all and for all those who haven’t seen a single episode of this iconic show, we’re sure you feel like now!

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