Our travel picks for MARCH

As springtime draws to a close, it is time to get immersed in the colours of the world! See the different ways in which splashes of spring make its presence felt, be it in the eye-catching cherry blossoms of Japan, the vivid sights and smells of Oman bazaars or the fun and frolic of Holi in Varanasi!


As winter gives way to the warmer spring season in Japan, the glorious baby-pink cherry blossoms begin to bloom – a spectacle that draws in tourists from all around the world. This March, you can visit the zen-like tea gardens, savour impeccable Japanese cuisine and absorb the deeply spiritual culture of the country. You can take strolls through parks with trees that shower with nature’s own confetti, or indulge in scrumptious Indiana-organized picnics on a rosy blanket of blooms!


Come March and the souks of Oman– local marketplaces, are buzzing with colourful, rich fabrics sporting skilled craftsmanship of generations, exotic spices and succulent dry fruits all vying for your attention. Oman is a nation of contrasts – blessed with pristine beaches, sandy deserts, oceans, adventure and so much more! Let Indiana plan a trip that shows you all the facets of this beautiful nation!


Holi – the Indian festival of colours, is a celebration of the end of winter and is a popular festival for all ages. In Varanasi, the grand Holi festivities attract tourists from around the world, wanting to experience this vibrant festival. With a history that spans centuries, this holy destination has a lot to offer – serene temples, the spiritually uplifting evening aarti ceremonies, Benarasi silk saree markets and much more! This Holi let us help you experience the festival like you might never have before!

With start to finish planning offered by Indiana services, all you need to do is select your place of choice! Take your pick this season – from the floral landscapes of the Far East in Japan, or the exotic markets of the Middle East in Oman. Or closer home, the colour-spattered and holy streets of Varanasi!

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