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History has always been a subject that excites us. Ignite your curiosity and explore the past like never before. Indiana Travels has put together, a list of the most popular destinations that are sure to leave you awestruck! Take a trip back in time and visit St. Peterberg’s Palace Square or The Kremlin Palace in Moscow, marvel at Hampi – “the city of ruins” or visit Olympia town in Greece, the site which hosted the very first Olympic Games!


Greece is well known for its natural beauty, ancient ruins, archaeological sites along with cliffs which plunge into sparkling blue water and gorgeous beaches. Experience spiritual bliss at the monasteries of Meteora, dive into the past as you explore the ancient city of Corinth, stare in awe at the iconic Acropolis at Athens or visit Olympia town, where the world’s first Olympic Games took place. Greece is a treasure trove of experiences just waiting to be explored. Indiana Travels will help take care of every detail, while you are free to enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Russia, also known as the “Venice of the North” is home to more than 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites. From exciting treks, to exploring the iconic Kremlin or soaking in historical sites and breath taking works of architecture at Saint Petersburg and St.Basil’s Cathedral, Russia, the world’s largest country is sure to leave its mark in your memory. Indiana Travels will meticulously plan your trip so that you won’t miss a single thing!


Experience the glory and grandeur of Hampi – the city of ruins, renowned the world over and hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. From beautiful treks, to the visually fantastic coracle ride or the royal elephant stables, Hampi is sure to capture your imagination. Explore ancient ruins and temples, choose to be close to nature or enjoy tranquillity at its best- Hampi is a truly wonderful experience.

Whether you choose to visit historical wonders of Russia, Greece, Hampi or all, Indiana Travels has you covered!
You simply pick the place and our experienced team of 30+ professionals will take care of every detail from the moment you leave your home, to the moment you set foot back into it.

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