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To truly enjoy a new country and everything that it has to offer, a self- drive journey is truly fulfilling. From scenic beauty and tranquillity, to taking things at your own pace, nothing beats exploring rolling landscapes as each destination has something unique to offer. Indiana Travels has prepared the ideal list of locations where you can experience the bliss of enjoying your vacation with a touch of adventure.


Italy’s Amalfi coast is an immensely popular destination. Travelling along the Amalfi coast, with towering cliffs, and its picturesque coastline dotted with beaches and colourful fishing villages. The most visited cities along the coast are Positano, Ravello and Almalfi of course. Ravello is a resort town located 365 meters above the Tyrrhenian Seas, home to the famous Cliffside gardens. Enjoy the cuisine, gaze upon nature at its best, since the Amalfi coast is a UNESCO heritage site. Make sure you sample the delicious pastries here as well.


While Germany has a plethora of beautiful routes to choose from, driving down from Konigssee to Bodensee is truly breath taking as you make your way through southern Bavaria and the iconic Alps. The famed Black Forest is a mountainous region, located in South West Germany, while its 350 km long, romantic road – Romantische Straße is a gorgeous stretch, through the forests and mountains of Bavari and Baden-Württemberg. Enjoy sparkling mountain lakes, peaks that hide in the clouds and quaint little towns along the way. Marvel at Germany’s tallest peak- Mount Zugspitze, Lake Königssee (Germany’s deepest lake) as well as King Ludwig II’s castles.


The land down under has a number of breath taking routes to choose from, the most popular being Hobart, the capital of Australia’s Island state and Tasmania. Soak in the natural splendour of Tasmania’s scenic eastern coast as you savour seafood and a tall glass of wine. Explore lush rain forests or watch the rolling waves on powder white beaches. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the ever rare, Tasmanian devil.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its natural beauty, making it one of the most beautiful countries where you can embark on a self-drive experience. Set out from Auckland to Queenstown. Along the way, enjoy the heartland of New Zealand, the cultural hub of Rotura, wildlife encounters in Kaikoura as well as gorgeous alpine scenery and adventure activities. Drive through the lush farmlands of Waikato and make a pit stop at Hobbiton, en-route to Rotura. Take a closer look at Maori culture, and enjoy the view on your way to Wellington. While you’re here, make sure you visit popular locations where Lord of the Rings was filmed. The South Island is ideal for a self–drive adventure, especially Te Anu, a picturesque town in the south land region of New Zealand and Dunedin.

The world offers us so much to see, and the best way to enjoy it all, is by road. Indiana Travels will help you plan your road trip, while taking care of every detail. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with your self-driving experience, while Indiana provides you with the best way to discover areas that are not easily reachable by public transport. A trip where you can enjoy every little detail at your own leisure and make unforgettable memories. From the forests of Tasmania in Australia and New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes, to Italy’s breath-taking Amalfi coast and medieval castles of Germany, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and hit the road, where new experiences, adventures and discoveries await you.

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