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About Indiana Travel Services:
“Dreams are made for travellers to conquer. and memories are created when dreams are realized.”
Travellers today have matured from just being “sight-lovers”, its about the journey, the experience, the memories- travel is about capturing the essence of the destination.

Indiana Travel Services was born purely out of the passion of exploration and wanderlust in 1996. An enriched background in travel planning was the source of inspiration for Deepak Ramnani and Asmita Ramnani, as they came from a long lineage of travel enthusiasts. Coming from the family that revolutionized the concept of “travel services” for India before Independence, Deepak Ramnani’s desire to experience and discover the world was the seed from which Indiana grew; From a two member team, Indiana now boasts of an efficient, creative and diligent team of over twenty-five members over twenty years.

Deepak Ramnani and Asmita Ramnani take the ideas of “wanderlust” very seriously, and make sure to experience and discover the joy of magical destinations first hand. They are duly recognized by the Tourism Boards of diverse destinations, which enables them access to some of the most unique experiences before sharing it with their clients.

Featured Destinations

Our top picks of the season are-now, more than ever-easier to reach, explore, and enjoy.
These are the hottest destinations of the year curated by our team of experts…

Think of the most spectacular picture of the galaxy, where countless of stars dance for you; Now, think of the glorious Northern Lights shimmering amongst that view- Scandinavia is just that. It is the physical interpretation of your enchanting dreams. We curate holidays that are specifically planned around the appearances of the mystical Northern Lights, which takes place four times a year. Our packages are customized, based on your interests and include features like Ice Breaker Cruises and Mid Night Star Gazing. We will be there to hold your hand through this enticing journey in a new land, ensuring that possible gaps such as language barriers don’t create any hindrance. Contact us to plan your vacation around this truly fantastical treasure.

Bustling with the richness of color and culture, Argentina is a complete destination by itself. Be it for pure revelry or for rejuvenating relaxation. Be it for the heartwarming cuisines or the historical architecture- Argentina exudes the essence of all this and more, which is making it one of the most popular destinations of the years to come. We take the time out to understand what makes your heart skip a beat and design tailor-made vacations that will make you experience the nuances of this vibrant country like an insider! To explore this land of dreams the way you always imagined, contact us.

The art of adventure can be best experienced amidst crisp air and the lushness of nature. If it‘s an adrenaline rush that satiates your holiday craving then New Zealand is the place you want to explore. Plan a vacation that feeds your soul through the sheer excitement and scenic rejuvenation. This island destination is perfect for diving with crystal clear underwater visibility and a thriving marine life. It also accommodates the extreme adventure junkies with plateaus and mountains, enabling Bungee Jumping, Off-roading, Treks and Hikes. If you think its time to get your blood flowing, contact us and let us create a holiday that reflects your adventurous side!

A land that break all barriers of culture and royalty, this enchanting destination merges the rich Berber, Arabic and European heritages into one grand location. Bustling with vibrant colours and intricate tessellations, each architectural structure here is one to marvel. It is the perfect cusp of natural and man made wonders, which pose as a reflection of the opulent historical past this destination has encountered. We create experiences that revolve around capturing the very essence of this legacy through the food, art, souk explorations and a lot more. Our passion for Morocco has made us reach deep into its hidden treasures and we are eager to put forth highly unique escapades that will make you fall in love with this earthily lavish location.

Be it romantic lake explorations in Poland or overwhelming historical tours in Romania, be it flamboyant yacht parties through Croatia or delicacy filled culinary extravaganza’s through Hungary, be it for revelry in Czechoslovakia or to experience heritage in Bulgaria and Estonia, the destinations in Eastern Europe are enough to satiate every desire. With diverse sights to see and an array of unforgettable memories to make, Eastern Europe encapsulates the concept of a perfect holiday destination that personifies the perfect balance of zest, carousal, rejuvenation and relaxation. Having personally basked in this sunny paradise, we take it upon ourselves to curate vacations that not only create magical memories but also give you the chance to witness a whole spectrum of beauty and elegance in the form of nature, social interactions and culture. Get in touch with us to plan a getaway like never before, call us to plan your dream vacation.

The land of many languages, the land of aromas and spices- India is majestic in all its glory with each culture dawning a new horizon. A getaway does not always need you to go too far away from home, especially when you live in a country that is as enigmatic as India. Brimming with destinations in every direction, India is widely known for resonant beaches in Goa or the lesser explored white waters of Kerala, mystical mountains in Sikkim or Coorg, rich architecture in Rajasthan and countless cuisines, just to name a few. A paradise for adventure lovers, dreamy for passionate souls, delicious for culinary enthusiasts, this country offers varied destinations that are sure to find a fancy in everyone. We pride ourselves with destinations that are yet to be explored and plan remarkable experiences around the virgin locations in India, which are sure to astound you. All you have to do is chose the direction you wish to go in and we will design an experience so exceptional that it will take your breath away.

About Us

As a team who understands adventure-seekers and globetrotters, Indiana Travels takes pride in going ‘that extra mile’ to make your trip worthwhile. It’s no wonder that we are one of the best travel agencies in Mumbai, Indiana is the only Travel Company in Mumbai that puts you first, and above all else, when planning a vacation!

Our founders are what we like to call ‘people-with-restless-feet’ and a desire to explore every nook of this beautiful planet. In other words, they love to travel, which means they use their own experiences to sketch and organize clients’ voyages. A few years, hundreds of trips, cruises, and vacation later Indiana Travel Services was born. A Tours and Travels Company in Mumbai that puts your singular experience first. When we plan and book your perfect trip, be it domestic or international, we do so with a hundred percent guarantee of an exceptional experience.


Every journey we organize for our patrons is inspired by what makes them tick. If it is sightseeing that calls to your soul, we will build an itinerary that is chockfull of the most amazing panoramas. If it is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily life that your body needs, then we will plan your escape to the most exclusive of resorts.


Travel tips, expert advice, and detailed destination information are aspects of our domestic and international packages that make us the preferred Travel Company in Mumbai. When you get the urge to put on your shoes for adventure, we are here to help you choose the ones that fit best. From hiking mountains to white water rafting in rivers, from hitting the best bars around the globe to cruises in Antarctica, we can map, chart and formulate every trip – big or little.

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