Little Asia – A Journey Of 1000 Miles

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The famous quote fits Asia more than any other place else in the world. It is a diverse continent that has captivating history associated with every country that belongs to it. And the only way to unveil it is to take a trip around Little Asia.

For those who long to experience the verdant lushness of an equatorial rainforest, for those who want to immerse themselves in the extraordinary value of cultures and for those who want to be part of age-old traditions that put hospitality first, Asia welcomes you. Let’s take a small peek into what Asia has to offer.


Ever heard the maxim ‘it’s a jungle out there?’ Well, in Borneo you will know it to be true, literally.  Rich with rainforests that are home to several exotic species of animals on Earth, the country is an amalgamation of nature and man. What’s better is that these untouched parts of the planet are easily accessible from modern cities that happen to be just a stone’s throw away. Multi-ethnicity has made the island a melting pot for religions, languages, culture and something that every traveller looks for – lip-smacking cuisine that can only be found here.

When you want an adventure with the backdrop of the finest that nature has to offer- Borneo is where you need to be


There is a magic about Cambodia that never fades. This charming and ever confounding land puts a spell on every soul that visits it. With its unique blend of ancient cultures displayedby the staggering temples of Angkor, and modern civilization seen through the skylines of new cities, this quaint little kingdom gives a uniquely authentic experience.

From rice paddies in Kampot to the Cardamom Mountains that take your breath away, every corner of the nation is an experience waiting to happen.


One thing that China is not is a one-trick pony. This majestic country has a dazzling modern face and an equally spell-binding culture of the world’s oldest continuous civilization. When your soul calls to explore a place that is the ultimate exampleof genius, you need to see the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors. When the body craves a sublime experience that only a few spots on the globe can match, you should visit the sapphire lakes in Tibet and check out the adorable giant Pandas. And if all that doesn’t lure you in, surely the world-famous cuisine can!

Sri Lanka

The best place to hide is in plain sight, and that is what Sri Lanka does. Travellers, explorers, and wanderers have crossed the country on their way to visit many a dream destination, but few have taken the time to discover this tiny island. Rich with UNESCO’s World Heritage sites that will make even the most jaded of explorerstransformedby its sheer elegance. With over 2000 years of culture, the nation is a kaleidoscope of flavourful food, fragrant teas, ancient fortresses and undulating surf. From sandy beaches to pondering elephants, Sri Lanka offers every visitor something irresistible.


The effect of the Chinese from the north and the consequence of Hindus from the South woven together with French colonisation have made Vietnam an intoxicating brew for every wanderer. The region is what we call equal parts ridiculous,inspirational,comical and contemplative. From biking in Hanoi to coastal sceneries in Saigon to the magnificent legacy of imperial cities, Vietnam leaves every visitor with memories for a lifetime.

If a dive into complex and diverse history is not your cup of tea, then allow the glass and steel skyline of the modern cities be your draw to Vietnam.


A tropical getaway that suits the pauper, the minted, the pleasure seeker and the loner alike, Thailand is a veritable treasure trove of contradictions. The true way to explore this exotic, compelling and dynamic nation is a gentle one that mirrors the daily life of the locals. While the country has a fascinating draw for just about anyone, it is the ‘foodie’ for whom it holds a special place. Thai cuisine holds the top spot in the world of food. It is that good; warm and refreshing with a hint of subtle flavours that burst onto the tongue. With bustling cities that fade into quiet little hamlets overlooking the gorgeous seas, Thailand truly is a traveller’s paradise.

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