Corporate Travel

When the point of focus is corporate relationships, meetings or employees it becomes imperative that efficiency is mirrored in every aspect. At Indiana Travel Services, we are committed to ensuring that corporate travel for your organisation reaches new levels of superior brand representation and orderliness. Aided by an experienced team, we create detailed itineraries from take off to return. Through our collaborations with top of the class airlines, destinations and premium properties, we deliver streamlined and productive corporate packages that are customised to fit your company’s budget and requirements.

Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectation and your employees’ anticipations. With our corporate packages that range from domestic to international travels, we have consistently set high standards. From meetings to off-sites to charter bookings, our services are aimed to drive savings, ensure traveller safety and better employee effectiveness.

Corporate Meetings

As a leading service provider of Corporate Travel Management in Mumbai, we are well aware of the value of corporate meetings. To ensure that your meetings are streamlined and fruitful, we take over the task of planning and organising for you. We leave you to focus on your business, while we cover all the back-end logistics.


A conference not only asks but demands for immaculate displays of brand efficiency. At Indiana, we are dedicated to this motto. We organise conferences all over the world that are real examples of brand representation and orderliness.


For a business, an event is a platform to display their product or service. It has to be seamlessly and flawlessly executed with no margin for mishaps and errors. Indiana Travel Services, aided by our skilled team, can plan and organize events in any destination and at any venue that fit your company’s requirements.


Proving to employees that you care and appreciate their ceaseless hard work is an essential technique to drive productivity levels. When a company is made of hundreds of employees, these appreciation events can rack up the budget and take away crucial time. Indiana Travel Services creates corporate incentive packages that fit your budget and time limits.


IndianaTravel Services gives you the space to take a breather, step away from the office environs and focus on strategy. When we plan your off-site, we design a detailed itinerary that includes every step – from take-off to your flight back.


In a world where time equates to money, swift travel at your beck and call has become a vital tool. Indiana Travel Services provides charter bookings to top management executives and distinguished guests so that they are always on time while also simultaneously travelling in the lap of luxury.