Take A Breather, Ditch The Office For An Offsite

Every year, the economy of a country loses billions of dollars due to interruptions. The very tools we need to do business and keep knowledge flowing – emails, SMS, phone calls, video conferences – deter our efficiency. These ‘interruptions’ translate into money lost and chains of thought broken. Therefore, finding an impartial space, a breather if you will, which allows for no distraction and laser focus has become vital.

Home is where the heart resides. The office is where the mind lives. A breather becomes the neutral place where teams can come together, heart and mind intact, to create surprising results.

Off-sites are the answer to this conundrum. We say ditch the office and take a breather.

Most companies have become cognizant of the significance of off-sites. It is the one opportunity for top management of a company to explore in-depth strategic issues without losing any momentum. It is also the one place where employees can gain an understanding of the bigger picture, the culture and position of the company.This has lead to expectations attached to off-sites rising higher than average executive sessions.

It is here Indiana Travels gets involved. We know the higher stakes and higher expectations from off-sites call for exceptional planning. It necessitates best practices that employees can make the most of and have constructive conversations. We have distilled a design through experience that allows executives to conceive meaningful and better decisions.

Along with taking care of regular and essential planning like hotel and flight bookings, we create a blueprint for your off-site that merges your group’s preferences with our ideas. The destinations we offer for off-site meetings create a safe zone where anyone can share thoughts.

With exciting activities that improve group dynamics, we build off-site itineraries that induce genuine engagement. Indiana Travels likes to keep the logistics simple with easy to reach destinations where you can take a step away from constant interruptions, build strategic momentum and yet have insane fun.We also incorporate plenty of ‘breathers’ by making sure to include local ‘must-dos’ for entertainment, dining and fun. We believe that the ‘after hours’ is crucial to let one’s hair down, eat, drink and be merry!
For us, off-sites are not about ritualistic meetings and head nodding. It is about providing a space where people can leave fingerprints on the business.


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