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Top 5 Honeymoon Getaways for High-Flying Professionals

Love, romance, and passion come in all shapes and sizes. One couple’s dream honeymoon destination is definitely not going to be the same as another’s. But, there is a vital element that remains constant: the feeling of a shared experience. The emotion that gives the sensation of being ‘just the two of us’ in the whole, wide world. Compiled here are honeymoon destinations for five different types of couples. Which type of couple do you identify with?

For Sheer Indulgence in South Australia

About sixty or so kilometres away from Adelaide lies the sleepy valley of Barossa that still retains its quintessential German feel. Globally known for its wines, the valley isa must-see with its picture-postcard villages and gorgeous landscapes.

This is a destination for the couple who desires a cosy, rustic honeymoon that oozes old-world charm.The Barossa Valley boasts of rolling hills dotted with gothic churches and stone cottages. Plan your holiday anywhere between December to March, and you will get the best weather- sunny and pleasant, apt for vintage car-rides and biking through romantic vineyards. Delectable gourmet food laid out for two and hot air balloon rides make the entire experience just the right amount of intimate.

For the Twosome Adventure in Lake Tahoe

Sitting snugly between Nevada and California is Lake Tahoe, with its shimmering hues of blue and green during the summer months and powdery snow during winter. Known as one of the most popular romantic destinations, the California side of the lake is pure heaven for newlyweds.

For the couple who yearn for a spellbinding scenic view along with a cornucopia of activities during their honeymoon, a ski resort at Lake Tahoe is the ideal destination for you. Plan your romantic getaway from mid- November to end of April and you will be gifted with breath-takingviews no matter what you do – skiing outdoors or gambling at hip casinos, indoors. If skiing is not what you envision doing on your honeymoon, then the crystal-clear lake offers an idyllic, picturesque view while you sit back and relax.

For the Experimental Duo in Japan

The accurate way to describe Japan would be that it is a country with a magical pull to it and that which leaves a lasting impression. Deeply rooted in tradition and culture, the nation is the birthplace of kimonos and zen gardens.

For the couple who want something different from relaxing on sandy beaches, the land of tea ceremonies and historical locations is for you. Plan your honeymoon anywhere between October to November and you get to immerse yourselves in the quaint beauty of cherry blossoms. To truly take in the experience, plan your stay in a traditional Japanese inn – a ryokan. This will let you be part of authentic Japanese life. While you get to experience an intimate stay, you also get to interact with the locals and absorb the culture. Tranquil spas to scrumptious cuisines to helicopter rides over Tokyo’s skyline – Japan truly offers a cocktail of experiences.

For a Romantic Saga in Finland

Miles away from civilization, surrounded by the arctic snow lays Finland. Known for its enigmatic aurora borealis(better known as the Northern Lights) and pale, wintery sun, the land is a romantic saga waiting to happen.For couples who crave privacy and some much-needed quiet after a hectic and loud Indian wedding, the glass or snow igloos of Finland are just right for you. Plan the trip in the winter months to live in the lap of wilderness while surrounded by luxury. Invigorating and exciting, the Finnish air is like a call to the wild soul inside everyone. Personalised services, Finnish saunas, warm igloos overlooking rugged landscapes and the northern sky make Finland a place that truly connects souls.

For a Splendorous Experience in Peru

Peru in a gist, is a complex realm that is as intricate and exquisite as the weavings it presents to the world. Famous for its ancient history, the country boasts of a diverse natural beauty tied in with an innovative urban outlook.For couples who hunger for adventurous experiences like rafting, paragliding and zip lining, Peru is the destination for you. Plan your honeymoon to Peru if you want to combine nature with a pinch of culture and a sprinkling of adventure. With fine-dining and luxury accommodation at hand, the nation virtually ticks off all the boxes of a dream destination. From bustling Lima to the chiselled peaks of historical Machu Pichu to adrenaline-pumping Pacific beaches, Peru is a veritable paradise on earth.

These are just a few of the many tailor-made honeymoon destinations that we offer the ‘just-marrieds’. We understand that a honeymoon is meant to be a one-of-a-kind experience and run-of-the-mill can never quite cut it. Indiana Travels takes great pride in customizing the perfect honeymoon designed to suit your tastes.
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