Top 4 Indian Monsoon Getaways You Can Explore

It matters greatly what consummate travellers and globetrotters say about travelling because it gives us, the comparative amateurs, a purpose and a narrative. And this season, the discoverers have spoken for four places in India that do poetic justice to the magical monsoons. All four of the places are a rhapsody of beauty, bliss, and a reprieve from the blistering sun.


The Carpet of Verdant Green – Goa

Monsoon turns the pint-sized state into something that is meant to be savoured. The same land that is known for its sandy coastline transforms into lush and picturesque verdure. Every nook and cranny of Goa shimmers with freshness and vitality during the monsoons. As much as its vibrant culture comes alive in the other months, it is the rainy season that makes it heavenly.

Sand in your toes and a light drizzle on your forehead, there is nothing more laid back or romantic than that. Visiting Goa when it is raining is like walking through the Looking Glass, it takes you away from the frenzy of daily life to a place that sparkles.


The Bulwark of Evergreen – The Western Ghats

The rain brings a drastic change to one of the oldest regions in the world, said to be even more ancient than the Himalayas. The reddish tinged brown and dry land blooms into a deciduous tangle of green within a week or so of monsoon. The adage ‘picture-perfect beauty’ describes the Western Ghats to a T. Visiting a biologically diverse destination as the ghats is akin to quenching the soul. The Malabar tree-shaded paths takes no time to turn the fast-paced metropolitan stride into a slumbering gait.

The forested land that teems with wildlife is known to host almost thirty percent of all flowering plants in the nation, and is definitely a must-visit to satiate the wildlife enthusiast in you.

The Emerald Green Coastline – Kerala

The sound of rain plummeting down while you are tucked in a dry, warm place – surely nothing can be cosier than that! The serene backwaters of Kerala that promise to take you on lazy rides in stately houseboats, is a monsoon getaway for every age. The slender strip of Arabian Sea coast that Kerala boasts of turns into a tropical paradise during monsoons. Skirting alongside the abundant coastline is the languid length of shimmering backwaters and beyond, an emerald green that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Kerala is known as God’s own country and rightly so, the southern monsoons will only cement this in your mind’s eye forever. The weather, which is always around a pleasant 30 degrees with intermittent drizzles and the occasional soft sunshine, is a visual delight worth experiencing.


The Far Flung Viridescent Coast – The Andaman

The glistening Andaman Islands offer you an enthralling view into monsoons on an island and trust us, it is a pure delight to the senses! The land of sun-toasted beaches turns into an emerald green expanse during the monsoon. The forested interiors of the island have the power to rejuvenate even the weariest soul. The silver-sanded lands with its multi-hued sunsets is a place that both thrill seekers and lazy vacationers can and do throng to.

Be it the lush mangrove forests to venture into or powdery beaches to chill out at under the dappled shade of palms – the Andaman Islands take you away on an island vacation you could only ever have dreamed of.


You can lie in bed while the rain gently pitter-patters on terracotta-tiled sloping roofs or dip your toes on moon kissed sand or even amble through rich forested lands. The choice is yours. This monsoon let us create magic for you.

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